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Warnerbors.comYes, you read it right. A ‘one letter out’ Top Level Domain, gets hits all day long, guaranteed revenue a few clicks away – just add ads!

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Typos as Lucrative Opportunities for Domain Name Entrepreneurs

In the digital age, typographic errors, or “typos” have created a unique niche for domain name entrepreneurs. These individuals capitalise on common misspellings or keyboard errors to register domains that closely resemble those of established brands, reaping potential rewards from web traffic when people make errors typing URLs into their web browser.

A prime example is the hypothetical domain “WarnerBors.com.” Given the global recognition of Warner Bros, it’s easy to imagine someone accidentally missing the second ‘r’ when typing the company’s name into a browser, or as in this case, getting the letter order wrong.

An entrepreneur owning “WarnerBors.com” could leverage this typo by setting up a site that serves ads related to entertainment, thereby earning revenue from accidental visits. This strategy, known as “typo squatting”, while it can be lucrative it raises questions about trademark infringement and the integrity of brand identities. Domain name registrars and legal frameworks continually evolve to address these issues, balancing the protection of intellectual property with the opportunities presented by the internet’s expansive reach.


So how do you avoid problems? It should be made very clear to our keyboard-fumbling internet surfers that they have simply landed on the wrong website by mistake. With a big “oops!” tell them this with respect and affection and an unmistakeable subtext saying “no trickery here”. Play it straight down the line. Don’t even use cookies!

Make clear that your superb “one letter out” domain is

1. … definitely not pretending to be WarnerBros, and
2. … is linking to the real WarnerBros website, purely to help poor lost souls find what they were looking for, with a big “IS THIS WHAT YOU WERE LOOKING FOR?”  sign showing them on their way.

Remember, this is about helping people get where they were trying to go, you are simply being helpful. It certainly is not defaming, passing off, or harming any mighty brand by sending searchers to their legitimate destination. You’re doing everyone a favor!

Ads only need to show once, and they make a steady trickle income. They need to be clean as a whistle, and reference nothing which Warners could complain about – tip: avoid ads for their competitors!

Thus, while typo domains like “WarnerBors.com” offer a window into quick profit-making in the domain trade, they also highlight the ongoing dialogue between innovation, opportunism, and the need for careful regulation in the digital marketplace. Such dynamics underscore the complexities of the internet era, where even a simple typo can turn into a significant entrepreneurial venture.

So don’t be scared. If push comes to shove, Warners can buy it from you. Let them thank you for your help and gracious kindness.

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