The Lucrative Lingo of the Internet: Why Domain Names are More Exciting Than You Think

Think about some of the greatest assets in the world: gold, oil, real estate… and add to that list the unassuming yet potent domain name. That’s right, in the bustling digital marketplaces of today, a good domain name is as precious as a piece of beachfront property in Malibu. But why, you ask? Let’s dive into the fascinating and occasionally hilarious world of domain names and discover why they’re not just a bunch of letters and dots.


The Treasure Hunt for the Perfect Phrase

First off, finding a great domain name is akin to striking gold. Every entrepreneur and company wants a domain that is short, memorable, and crisp— essentially the Lamborghini of domain names. These hot properties can define a brand, spark recognition, and drive significant traffic with the right keywords. Imagine owning “” in a world revved up about automobiles!

The Quirky Side of Domains

Amidst the gold rush, there’s a lighter side. Some domain names are downright quirky and, at times, unintentionally hilarious. Ever stumbled upon a site like ““? At first glance, one might blush, until realizing it’s intended to read as “WhoRepresents,” a database for checking celebrity representation. These linguistic twists not only provide a chuckle but highlight the creativity involved in picking a domain name that stands out.

Domain Name Speculation: The Modern Art Auction

Just like art collectors speculate on paintings, tech savvy entrepreneurs speculate on domain names. This has turned into a profitable hobby for many. Take, for instance, the domain “,” which sold for a whopping $49.7 million. Yes, you read that right. Trading domain names can be extraordinarily profitable, akin to discovering a rare Picasso! It’s all about predicting trends, understanding market demand, and sometimes, just being at the right place at the right time with the right keyword.

A Domain by Any Other Name

Domain names can be incredibly diverse. They range from the practical to the whimsical, from the geographical to the utterly nonsensical. And it’s not just about .com anymore. With a plethora of new top-level domains (TLDs) like .pizza, .ninja, and even .fail, the possibilities for creative (and profitable) domain naming are virtually endless. Fancy owning “” or “”? You could be setting yourself up for some serious dough (pun intended).

The SEO Goldmine

Beyond the initial chuckle or wow factor, domain names hold significant value due to their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) potential. Owning a keyword-rich domain can be the equivalent of having the best billboard on the busiest highway. It’s about visibility and traffic, and with the right domain, you could be drawing in millions of virtual visitors with minimal effort.

The Domain Aftermarket: Where Fortunes are Made and Lost

Much like the stock market, the domain aftermarket is a dynamic and sometimes volatile place where domains are bought and sold daily. Platforms like Sedo and GoDaddy Auctions are like the NYSE and NASDAQ for domain names. And just like stocks, there are bulls and bears, booms and busts. The thrill of the trade can be intoxicating, as fortunes can indeed be made or lost in the blink of an eye.

The Future is Now (And It’s For Sale)

As we look to the future, the importance of domain names is only set to increase. With more businesses going online and innovative tech like blockchain and virtual reality becoming mainstream, the demand for descriptive, catchy, and tech-savvy domain names will skyrocket. Today’s quirky purchase could be tomorrow’s tech empire headquarters.

In conclusion, if you’ve never thought about the power and potential of domain names, now might be a good time to start. Whether you’re laughing at a linguistic mix-up, speculating in the domain aftermarket, or simply hunting for the perfect web address for your startup, domain names offer a unique blend of entertainment, opportunity, and profit.

So next time you type in a URL, aka web address, remember, there’s a whole world of intrigue and investment behind those words—perhaps it’s time to claim a piece of it for yourself!

Affordable Art by Local Artists

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Facebook Goes “Meaningful”

It is reported that after implementing the much heralded “new algorithm” which reduces corporate and professional content in favour of “meaningful interactions” with family and friends, Mark Zuckerberg’s personal fortune fell by 3.7bn USD in two hours as Facebook’s market price lost 4.4%. Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, still owns 17% of the company he founded, so he won’t be short of a few dollars. It remains to be seen whether this move will result in less “Facebook fatigue” which causes people to take breaks from the platform, to post less often and include fewer personal details.

Why Facebook’s news feed is changing – and how it will affect you [Guardian]

It’s All In The Name – Are Original gTLDs Better Than Newer Ones?

dot anything gTLDs

Whether you intend to compete for business, build a following, or run a community, trying to be seen and remembered in a busy world, your domain name really matters. The name is everything, to begin with. Domain name buyers seem to prefer generic Top Level Domains – .com, .net, and .org. But does a gTLD domain actually translate into greater success in terms of visibility, activity and engagement?

Over the past few years, there has been a veritable explosion of new domain name options. This one, Artful.Zone, an example. But how has that changed user interaction, brand recognition, and loyalty? As to value, the answer is made more complicated by the fact that the newer domains are frequently cheaper to buy, and also a less expensive platform for advertising.

However, as Bill Hartzer found, cost of advertising and the number of page impressions doesn’t necessarily add up to more success. In particular, when it comes to conversions, the old gTLDs do much better :

There were more conversions on the .com domain name for both the download of the PDF file and for clicks on the “Shop Diamond Rings” button on the site, and the total conversion rate was higher on the .Com domain name than it is on the .Diamonds domain name. So while the Google AdWords tends to favor the new gTLD domain name, consumers appear to favor the .Com (we saw nearly a 20 percent better conversion rate on the .Com domain name).

The reason for this could be simply that older domains are more established, dating back to the birth of the web. In web users’ minds, this equates with reliability, trustworthiness and other important psychological factors which occur when people are just plain used to things being a certain way.

Many of these domains have changed hands for large sums of money. There is an established market for top level domains – people hang on to the good ones as investments. gLTDs are more easily tradeable in the domain name marketplace. With the creation of many new top level domains markets have more options, but still good quality gLTDs continue to be sought after.

The best gTLDs by dint of their name are universally recognisable, inexorably destined to become associated with a household brand or well-known corporate badge. They may contain a key English word, like, or a twist on an established name like Very occasionally a new word is coined which actually becomes ubiquitous across markets and sometimes languages.  Whether as the market expands this prestige becomes a maintained advantage depends on the usage to which the domain is put. Industries still see clever internet as essential for emerging brands, and those brands with financial muscle will spend a lot on a standout domain.

Artful.Zone aren’t in the domain name business. We are raising money for projects and training in education and the arts- read more here. We do have a small number of premium domain names for sale. Once they are gone, they’re gone! Check them out.

Artful.Zone Premium Domain Names



Artful Zone is about enabling creative possibilities by raising funds and allocating them to creative enterprises.

We are fortunate to have on our menu a spread of prime intellectual properties which wouldn’t be out of place on a royal wedding buffet.

So, to begin with, we give thanks to our generous donors without whom this wouldn’t be possible.

We anticipate a legacy of inspirational concepts realised with panache, élan and other French descriptors.

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Meaning is Comforting

You will have seen the endless ‘inspirational’ graphics with quotes which litter the entire social web even if you struggle not to see them. They are ubiquitous, because, as the great Inspirobot says, “meaning is comforting”.

Along the same lines as the Arty Bollocks Generator, Inspirobot rewards your search for meaning (less/ful) platitudes with glorious wit and random strangeness.

Send one to your friends, now.

Meaning is comfortable

A Smörgåsbord of delights for your online creative needs

Smörgåsbord is one of those Scandinavian words which has traveled into the world’s languages and found common usage – but what does it mean?

The definition of Smörgåsbord is :

  • a buffet offering a variety of hot and cold meats, salads, hors d’oeuvres, etc.
  • a wide range of something; a variety.

    Artful.Zone is indeed a variety of tasty online morsels. How often do you find truly original, lipsmacking snacks in your search for search-friendly names and brands? Rarely, is the answer.
    Artful Zone has done some thinking ahead of time. With decades of creative experience, we know what kinds of names, titles and linguistic inventions are bound to become highly visible, and that is what we have to offer.

    Don’t forget – you can contact us with your requirements if you want a bespoke name for your brand which will stand out from the online crowd. We’ve been doing this for over twenty years!

Useful Art Tools

All artists have to provide rationale to explain, backup and promote their work, which in the main, however “intellectual” it may be, is primarily an experience of the senses rather than the written word.

In modern art particularly, this leads to some fairly difficult to grasp language, (cynics would say, deliberately obscure writing) which sometimes seem entirely unconnected to the work being described. Even the most celebrated works and movements of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries have had their incomprehensible moments.

With this in mind, the Arty Bollocks Generator was constructed in order to assist the lost and of course, to poke fun at pomposity

Here is a typical offering:

 Artist Statement

My work explores the relationship between the Military-Industrial Complex and copycat violence.

With influences as diverse as Blake and Andy Warhol, new combinations are crafted from both explicit and implicit narratives.

Ever since I was a postgraduate I have been fascinated by the traditional understanding of the zeitgeist. What starts out as hope soon becomes finessed into a cacophony of lust, leaving only a sense of unreality and the unlikelihood of a new order.

As wavering phenomena become reconfigured through studious and diverse practice, the viewer is left with an insight into the darkness of our condition.