Deeply involved in the History of Podcasting Project.

We distribute media in the far east including China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam,  Cambodia. Here are some of the creative projects we’ve enjoyed.


This wonderfully eclectic, cinematic project released ‘The Particle Zoo’, an album of contemporary music in 2007 and then followed it up 14 years later in 2021 with ‘The Magnetic Moment of the Antiproton’. Both are remarkable albums. We tested the water and found it warm, and now we distribute these two albums via MusicInfo*

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We produced a series of songs including the CD ‘Survival Game’ which sold particularly well in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 1996-7 ‘Survival Game’ sold worldwide, distributed on Coconut by BMG, and eventually went platinum in various territories, raising over CHF150,000 for Africa and helping to provide education, sanitation and medicine. Which was nice.

In 1997 we helped raise funds for Amnesty International UK by producing the Phoenix Festival live online. Which was hot.  We were part of a great crew of volunteers, in a big, dusty, rock and roll August summer festival, in watch-the-sunburn heat. We brought something new to the party – internet, the world’s new broadcast medium, with tech sponsorship to make it successful . In those early internet days, you couldn’t stream from your phone. Our job was to produce media on the fly at the right resolution for relatively narrow bandwidth as the festival progressed. We didn’t sleep much. There were  interactive screens showing Amnesty’s work for human rights in serious tents, live streams from stages. We produced interviews with festival goers, artists and crew, mixed and mingled. I met up with Morcheeba there, which was nice. Highlight was David Bowie in a tent playing drum and bass music with Gail Ann Dorsey on bass from two metres away, the night before their headlining the following afternoon. Unforgettable.